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Public guided tour
Sun, 11.06.2017 15:00

Public guided tour through both exhibitions with Alena Nawrotzki (Head of Education and Public...


Matt Mullican: Untitled (Paris Street Map II with signs)
Untitled (Paris Street Map II with signs) (2010 - 2016)
Matt Mullican
Maja Bajevic: Arts, Crafts and Facts (Oil, Coal, Gas)
Arts, Crafts and Facts (Oil, Coal, Gas) (2015)
Maja Bajevic
Stefan Banz: Candle (In the Wind)
Candle (In the Wind) (1996–1998)
Stefan Banz
Graeme Todd: Red Mountain
Red Mountain (2003)
Graeme Todd
Richard Jackson: The Laundry Room
The Laundry Room (2007 - 2014)
Richard Jackson
Berta Fischer: Ohne Titel
Ohne Titel (2004)
Berta Fischer
Graeme Todd: Pressmennan
Pressmennan (2001)
Graeme Todd
Urs Fischer: Glaskatzensex – Transparent Tale
Glaskatzensex – Transparent Tale (2000)
Urs Fischer
Bruno Pulga: Strati della Memoria
Strati della Memoria (1981)
Bruno Pulga
Gerhard Richter: Ohne Titel (479-1)
Ohne Titel (479-1) (1981)
Gerhard Richter
Martin Disler: Ohne Titel (mit Rolf Winnewisser)
Ohne Titel (mit Rolf Winnewisser) (1977)
Martin Disler
Juan Muñoz: Nîmes Balconies
Nîmes Balconies (1994)
Juan Muñoz
Olaf Breuning: Hellen Freundin aus Amerika
Hellen Freundin aus Amerika (1997)
Olaf Breuning
Ursula Biemann: Subatlantic
Subatlantic (2015)
Ursula Biemann
Laura Lima: Bar Restaurant
Bar Restaurant (2010/13)
Laura Lima

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