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Artist’s talk: ART
Sun, 30.08.2015 15:00

MOON Kyungwon & JEON Joonho in conversation with Dr. Nina Zschocke (ETH Zurich) and Heike...

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Public guided tour
Sun, 27.09.2015 15:00

with Robin Bhattacharya (artist and theorist) in GermanThe tour provides insight into the...


Monica Bonvicini: A Romance
A Romance (2003)
Monica Bonvicini
Jimmie Durham: Maquette for a Museum of Switzerland
Maquette for a Museum of Switzerland (2011)
Jimmie Durham
Douglas Gordon: Tattoo (for reflection)
Tattoo (for reflection) (1997)
Douglas Gordon
Mark Leckey: The March of the Big White Barbarians
The March of the Big White Barbarians (2006)
Mark Leckey
Paul Thek: Bo Jangles in Flames
Bo Jangles in Flames (1974)
Paul Thek
Ian Anüll: Fondue-Chinoise
Fondue-Chinoise (1988)
Ian Anüll
Judith Bernstein: Fucked by Number
Fucked by Number (2013)
Judith Bernstein
Julie Becker: Golden Force Field
Golden Force Field (1999)
Julie Becker
Carey Young: Obsidian Contract
Obsidian Contract (2010)
Carey Young
Heidi Bucher: Hautraum
(Ricks Kinderzimmer, Lindgut Winterthur)
Hautraum (Ricks Kinderzimmer, Lindgut Winterthur) (1987)
Heidi Bucher
Esther Eppstein: Fotoskulptur Message Salon/Perla-Mode 2006–2013
Fotoskulptur Message Salon/Perla-Mode 2006–2013 (2014)
Esther Eppstein
Wu Tsang: A day in the life of bliss
A day in the life of bliss (2014)
Wu Tsang
Markus Raetz: No w here
No w here (1991)
Markus Raetz
Ragnar Kjartansson: Schumann Machine
Schumann Machine (2008)
Ragnar Kjartansson
Markus Raetz: Sicht auf eine grosse Ebene
Sicht auf eine grosse Ebene (1991)
Markus Raetz

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