6. November 1999  –  9. January 2000

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“Peace” explores the chances for peace on Earth on an artistic level. “Peace” is seen as a metaphor of reality, as an ironic challenge and a paradigmatic gesture. A dozen international artists will be taking part in “Peace”. The exhibition will be accompanied by a peaceful supporting programme and a lavishly illustrated catalogue with texts by different authors. “Peace” deals with artists who are able to create a peaceful atmosphere, artists whom you think of having something to do with peace, but not one-dimensionally using peace as their subject matter. “Peace” should leave open space for reflecting on the most different dimensions of our everyday culture. “Peace” deals with a key value of everyday life, spanning a wide network of sociological, psychological, political, moral and also aesthetic issues. In this sense, “Peace” is a way of showing, both on a loose as well as on an engaged level, a specific late twentieth-century and early twentyfirst-century concept of the social relevance of contemporary art. “Peace strives for meaning.


Curated by Gianni Jetzer and Rein Wolfs

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