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Koki Tanaka: Vulnerable Histories (A Road Movie)

August 25–November 11, 2018

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Opening: Koki Tanaka «Vulnerable Histories (A Road Movie)» / Pipilotti Rist «Show a Leg (Raus aus den Federn)»
Fri, 24.08.2018 18:00

6–8 p.m. Opening6 p.m. Speeches by Heike Munder (Director Migros Museum für Gegenwartskunst and...


Graeme Todd: Heavyland 5: Red Bridge
Heavyland 5: Red Bridge (2003)
Graeme Todd
Noritoshi Hirakawa: Memorable Memory
Memorable Memory (1998)
Noritoshi Hirakawa
Annika Ström: Morning Green
Morning Green (2000)
Annika Ström
Kerim Seiler: Lattenwald
Lattenwald (2002)
Kerim Seiler
Carey Young: We the People (after Pierre Cavellat)
We the People (after Pierre Cavellat) (2013)
Carey Young
Raphael Hefti: Subtraction as Addition
Subtraction as Addition (2014)
Raphael Hefti
Stefan Altenburger: Atmosphere
Atmosphere (1997)
Stefan Altenburger
Olaf Breuning: Hello Darkness
Hello Darkness (2002)
Olaf Breuning
Carlos Amorales: Amorales Interim
Amorales Interim (1997)
Carlos Amorales
Lothar Baumgarten: Äquator
Äquator (1985)
Lothar Baumgarten
Clegg & Guttmann: Ohne Titel (Castelli)
Ohne Titel (Castelli) (1987/2006)
Clegg & Guttmann
Thomas Bayrle: Kreuz
Kreuz (2007)
Thomas Bayrle
Florian Germann: The Poltergeist Experimental Group (PEG) Applied Spirituality and Physical Spirit Manifestation
The Poltergeist Experimental Group (PEG) Applied Spirituality and Physical Spirit Manifestation (2011)
Florian Germann
Alexander Ossipow: Pardon, Bitte
Pardon, Bitte (1989)
Alexander Ossipow
Philip Wiegard: Kulissenphoto (2)
Kulissenphoto (2) (2001/2006)
Philip Wiegard

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