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Film screening: Teknolust (2002) by Lynn Hershman Leeson
Thu, 02.05.2019 18:00

with an introduction by Elsa Himmer (Migros Museum für Gegenwartskunst) and Nina Zschocke (ETH...

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Public Guided Tour
Sun, 12.05.2019 14:00

The tour provides insight into the current exhibition. The central themes are explained, and...


Robert Mangold: Gray Ellipse / Yellow Frame
Gray Ellipse / Yellow Frame (1987)
Robert Mangold
Robert Mangold: Imperfect Circle
Imperfect Circle (1973)
Robert Mangold
Jiří Georg Dokoupil: Ohne Titel
Ohne Titel (1982)
Jiří Georg Dokoupil
Nicolas Party: Landscape
Landscape (2014)
Nicolas Party
Babette Mangolte: Touching II & Collage 2
Touching II & Collage 2 (2008-2010)
Babette Mangolte
Urs Raussmüller: Ohne Titel
Ohne Titel (1969)
Urs Raussmüller
Julie Becker: Golden Force Field
Golden Force Field (1999)
Julie Becker
Daniel Knorr: Stolen History
Stolen History (2008)
Daniel Knorr
Carlos Amorales: Amorales versus Amorales
Amorales versus Amorales (1999–2001)
Carlos Amorales
Phil Collins: holiday in someone else’s misery #3
holiday in someone else’s misery #3 (2001)
Phil Collins
Olaf Breuning: Hello Darkness
Hello Darkness (2002)
Olaf Breuning
Annika Ström: Catch!
Catch! (2000)
Annika Ström
Thea Djordjadze: Place of His Disaffection
Place of His Disaffection (2011)
Thea Djordjadze
Ursula Biemann: Black Sea Files
Black Sea Files (2005)
Ursula Biemann
Olaf Breuning: Woman and the Dead
Woman and the Dead (2007)
Olaf Breuning

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