Performances by Maja Bajevic

Maja Bajevic, To Be Continued—Performance (2011–ongoing), photo: Nicolas Duc, Courtesy of the artist, Galerie Peter Kilchmann, Zurich and Michel Rein, Paris/Brussels

10.06.2017, 15:00

3–7 pm

(Cost: normal museum admission fee, no registration required)

«To Be Continued—Performance» (2011–ongoing) by Maja Bajevic

In various performances Bajevic reveals another intrinsic aspect of political slogans, particularly in the context of protest movements: their key function of mobilizing the masses. Catchy and memorable, they aim to strike at the heart of collective consciousness and incite people to take action. Thus, the artist is not only interested in authoritarian manipulation, she also questions the potential of language as a form of resistance. The performance shown in the exhibition presents a group of people standing on scaffolding and writing slogans on dirty, dusty window panes. The slogans written with their fingers are instantly washed away again with water and the procedure starts once more from the beginning. The dissemination of political propaganda degenerates into a Sisyphean task.

«Hide and Seek» (2017) by Maja Bajevic

The starting point for the performance in the sculptural installation Hide and Seek (2017) is the phenomenon of “post-truth” that emerged in 2016, mainly in connection with the current political situation in the USA. It describes political thinking and action revolving not around facts, but around the emotional effect of a statement, especially on one’s own interest group. The centerpiece of the installation is a translation machine that converts text information into Morse code: Various types of light bulb are hung on a metal framework, each relaying different messages via Morse signals. During performance times, two telegraphists will read the Morse code with the aid of headphones and decipher it for the audience.

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