zürich moves! – lectures and discussions: Jack Halberstam

19.03.2016, 14:00

Queer Times/Queer Spaces and Transgender Lives

with Jack Halberstam (American Studies and Ethnicity, Gender Studies and Comparative Literature, University of Southern California). Presented by Anas Sareen.

Lectures and discussions as part of zürich moves! (16.–19.03.), festival for contemporary arts practice in performing arts

(free admission, limited seating, in English)

"In this talk, I will try to conjure transgenderism as a way of seeing and being seen – transgenderism, I will argue, is not simply a new identity among many others competing for space under the rainbow umbrella but it constitutes a way of seeing, a way of being seen or passing, of composing oneself or losing oneself in the classifications available. Transgender embodiment also opens out onto time and space in radically different ways than cisgender bodies might. Combining readings of recent transgender performances by Cassils and boychild with theories of queer time and space, this talk will try to account for the recent explosion of transgender imagery in popular and art cultures and will track new understandings of identity, embodiment and duration." Jack Halberstam

Jack Halberstam is Professor of American Studies and Ethnicity, Gender Studies and Comparative Literature at the University of Southern California. Halberstam is the author of five books including: Skin Shows: Gothic Horror and the Technology of Monsters (1995), Female Masculinity (1998), In A Queer Time and Place (2005), The Queer Art of Failure (2011) and Gaga Feminism: Sex, Gender, and the End of

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