Exhibition Opening

While Bodies Get Mirrored. An Exhibition about Movement, Formalism and Space

05.03.2010, 18:00


Anetta Mona Chişa & Lucia Tkáčová – Martin Soto Climent – Maya Deren – William Forsythe – Julian Goethe – Delia Gonzalez – Babette Mangolte – Anna Molska – Kelly Nipper – Paulina Olowska – Silke Otto-Knapp – Mai-Thu Perret – Hanna Schwarz


This group exhibition brings together works that thematise the relation of tension between movement and space, and in so doing take up and reactivate a formalist vocabulary of signs. One focus of the exhibition is the influence of (post) modern dance and choreography in contemporary art. Another central theme is the re-presentation of the performative, and the notation of movement and dancerly activities through the most varied media, ranging from classical photography and the filmic through to the sculptural and installative. Early post modern dance and its postulation that “every movement is part of a dance and every person is a dancer” can be read on the one hand as an historical bridging moment to modernism, but also, on the other, as a moment that links the exhibited positions in this exhibition. In post modern dance, the legacy of formalist expression of movement has been applied and further developed, in a reaction to contemporary visual arts. In the last few years there has been an increased interest by younger artists in resuming and rediscovering this avant-garde movement of the early 20th century – the formal-aesthetic as well as the social perspective. The formal-aesthetic perspective entails moments of mirroring, reflecting, coruscating, and the dissection of complex forms surveyed in their simple geometric elements, and becomes an important expressive tool in a formal language.


The exhibition is curated by Heike Munder and Raphael Gygax. In connection with the exhibition, a detailed anthology entitled «Zwischenzonen» («Between Zones») will be issued in June 2010, discussing and furthering the current exhibition, as well as the exhibition «While Interwoven Echoes Drip into a Hybrid Body – An Exhibition about Sound, Performance and Sculpture» (2006). The central issues of this discussion are intersections/overlaps, and the folding or rolling into one another of the performative and various art categories such as sculpture, installation and film.



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