zürich moves! – lectures and discussions: Mårten Spångberg

17.03.2016, 12:00

Oh no, not one more time

with Mårten Spångberg (choreographer). Presented by Oliver Roth

Lectures and discussions as part of zürich moves! (16.–19.03.), festival for contemporary arts practice in performing arts

(free admission, limited seating, in English)

What happens when we do it again? Every second one more time until the end. Keep track of time and keep it going, keep the clock ticking. It isn’t tick-tock that’s scary it’s when the tick and tock is fading, when time is dissolving or threaten to give up that fear kicks in. What are we to hold on to if not even time can be relied on? Was time invented to protect us from eternity? Without time there'll be no past or then, only now infinitely or an infinite now. Time is a prison that save us from the cruelty of Presence.

La Substance, but in English is slightly less pretension but central to the work is to close up to a state where time separates into superimposed incompatible layers of duration, chronology, intermission, slow motion, suspense, amplification, phobia, time. Mårten Spångberg will in this talk guide the audience through the textures of time enabled through the performance, considering time as non-inclusive and an opportunity to circumvent identity, community and authorisation.



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