zürich moves! - lectures and discussions: AA Bronson

11.02.2016, 16:17

AA Bronson: Queer Spirits

Presented by Robert Steinberger.

Lectures and discussions as part of zürich moves! (16.–19.03.), festival for contemporary arts practice in performing arts

(free admission, limited seating, in English)

"As I write this text, sitting in my home on Fasanenstraße in Berlin-Charlottenburg, I wonder how best to describe a lecture that I have not yet devised. And yet it is self-evident how the lecture will emerge: as a series of images, drawn from the 60s to today, in which I am the central character; as a narrative, in which collaboration, community, glamour, AIDS, queer theory, death and dying, shamanism, and intergenerational sex all play a part. No doubt you, the audience, will see me in a variety of roles: from a skinny naked hippy to an aging nude shaman; as MC in the 1971 Miss General Idea Pageant; painting with poodles; invoking the spirits of the dead. I presented my first public performance in 1966; I cannot remember the title but I remember the scene well. Fifty years later I realize that not much has changed. I am still delight in art as living and life as art. I dedicate this lecture to those who are no longer with us and those who are with us still. We are a community of the living and the dead." AA Bronson

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