Symposium: Curating Everything (Curating as Symptom)

21.03.2015, 10:00

The ironic title Curating Everything already proposes reading the activity of curating as a social symptom. We presume that the contemporary urge for a curatorial position has an imaginary side: the wish to gain authorship and agency as an illusionary closure in an overall precarious labor situation for cultural producers. The conference will emphasize the multi-media aspect of curating and its special meta-discourse of production and investigate its specific interrelation with post-Fordist societies.

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in English

21.03.2015, 10 a.m.–6.30 p.m.

10–11 a.m.
Felix Ensslin «Material and Thought: Contemporaneity and The Thing(s) of Curating»

11–11.15 a.m
Introduction by Elke Krasny

11.15–12 a.m.
Marsha Meskimmon «Feminism’s ‚Curatorial Turn‘: What, Why and Whither?»

12–12.45 p.m
Frederikke Hansen «The Drive to Remember: Kuratorisk Aktion’s Curatorial Engagement with Invisibilized Coloniality and Indigeneity in the Nordic Region and beyond»

1–1.45 p.m.
Fatima Hellberg «Transformations – or how to deal with affect and method»

1.45–2.30 p.m.
Panel «Feminist Turn in Curating», hosted by Elke Krasny

3.30–4.15 p.m.
Axel Wieder «Critical Populism»

4.15–5 p.m.
Inke Arns «Curating (in) a Post-digital/Post-media/Post-internet World»

5–5.45 p.m.
Ellen Blumenstein «The Curator and Her Double: The Cruelty of the Avatar»

5.45–6.30 p.m.
Panel «Curating/the public (and digital media)»

Dorothee Richter, Postgraduate Programme in Curating (ZHdK), in cooperation with the Migros Museum für Gegenwartskunst
Cooperation partner: Research Platform for Curatorial and Cross-disciplinary Cultural Studies, Practice-Based Doctoral Programme, University of Reading; Fine Art Department of Art and Postgraduate Programme in Curating,, ICS, ZHdK

Symposium 20.03.2015

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