Remix Agora – Live! A mobile interface for connecting people and cities through sound

Remix Agora, Courtesy of Urban-Think Tank

24.08.2015, 19:30

Performance by Urban-Think Tank and MOON Kyungwon & JEON Joonho
with guest artists Nadine Schütz, Zlatko Baracskai, and Marcel Aubert and his band
19:30–22:30 (free admission)

On August 28, MOON Kyungwon & JEON Joonho’s exhibition News from Nowhere: Zurich Laboratory will open at the Migros Museum für Gegenwartskunst. Working with Urban-Think Tank (ETH Zurich), the two Korean artists have studied the political, socioeconomic, and ecological challenges our society faces today and in the future. Urban-Think Tank have designed an exhibition architecture inspired by the ancient Greek agora.

Brought to life by the community, the agora is a place of assembly that accommodates communication, movement, and the formation of identity. In architectural terms, it is defined by the need to provide a framework for these interactions. Unlike the static traditional agora, Urban-Think Tank’s Remix Agora was envisioned as a flexible instrument whose mobility allows it to cross the boundary between exhibition gallery and urban space. A few days before the show’s scheduled opening, the performance Remix Agora – Live!, conceived by Urban-Think Tank in collaboration with Moon & Jeon and the artists Nadine Schütz, Zlatko Baracskai, and Marcel Aubert and his band, will put this flexibility to the test.
Roaming Zurich, the mobile agora will capture urban soundscapes and produce a composition by looping the recorded material. U-TT and their guests will assemble at three sites in the city, where the musicians will interact with the local ambient noise and uncover the logic behind what seems to be a chaotic acoustic backdrop. The event will culminate in a performance on the Migros Museum für Gegenwartskunst’s outdoor ramp that will bring the collected sounds into dialogue with other cities in order to network Zurich with the global acoustic horizon.


7:30 pm: performance starts in the Migros Museum für Gegenwartskunst’s courtyard
7:50–8 pm: stop at Josefswiese
8:20–8:30 pm: stop at Hardbrücke train station, main entrance
8:50–9 pm: stop by the car wash next to Schiffbau
9:30–10:30 pm: main performance and drinks on the Migros Museum für Gegenwartskunst’s outdoor ramp


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