«Die buddhistische Erleuchtung und Glückseligkeit»

09.10.2014, 19:00

Lecture by Diego Hangartner
(free admission, in German)

In her works, artist Dorothy Iannone tries to convey her path through life, which is characterized by devotion to love, and is intended to lead toward unity of the physical and the emotional. In this regard, she is inspired by a spiritual environment that is shaped by her Catholic upbringing and (to a significant extent) by her later shift toward Buddhism.
In this lecture, Diego Hangartner provides insight into the foundations and diversity of Buddhism: in the many thousands of years since its beginnings, Buddhist doctrine has evolved into a large number of philosophical traditions adapted to different cultural settings.
Although all traditions have enlightenment in the foreground, there are different (and sometimes even contradictory) interpretations of how this enlightenment is achieved: some talk of complete asceticism and abstinence (Theravada, Mahayana), while others talk of the union of genders (Tantra).
Hangartner will explore these developments in their contexts and shed light on misconceptions that are widely held, especially in the West.

Diego Hangartner is Director of Mind and Life Europe, Zurich, which aims to promote the exchange of knowledge between Buddhist scholars and Western academics. He was Chief Operating Officer of the Mind and Life Institute in Boulder, Colo., until 2012. He studied pharmacology at ETH Zürich and spent eleven years in Dharamsala, India, where he learned Tibetan and studied at the Institute of Buddhist Dialectics.

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