31. May 1997  – 10. August 1997

Featuring artworks by:
Stefan Altenburger   Atelier van Lieshout   Christine Borland   Angela Bulloch   Tacita Dean   Douglas Gordon   Christian Robert-Tissot

“Flexible” is arguably the word (or non-word) of the year. “Flexible” in a deregulated market economy denotes a magic formula for the availability of resources; in a crisis-ridden labour market, where it functions as an adjective describing a new kind of service, it signifies individual attention. “Flexible” in art represents a pragmatic approach to the media and project-oriented creativity.

“Flexible” offers itself as a metaphor for contemporary developments in art, in that the picture is by no means homogeneous. In the art of the nineties, extremes come together not only in the employment of widely different media but also in the approach to reality. The exhibition endeavours to demonstrate this intuitively by confrontations between different projects. The projects chosen for “Flexible” were either those which, in terms of growth, were trying to determine their dimensions, or those which still had potential for development; young art whose search for lasting authority was not merely characterized by a severe and logical attitude.


Curated by Rein Wolfs

List of works

Stefan Altenburger: My One-Man Show

Stefan Altenburger

My One-Man Show
Band equipment, video installation
Dimensions variable

Atelier van Lieshout: Installation Saucisson

Atelier van Lieshout

Installation Saucisson
Various materials
Dimensions variable

Atelier van Lieshout: Office/Reception Unit

Atelier van Lieshout

Office/Reception Unit
Polyester mould, wood, steel, leather, steel wheels, fitted lights, 21 plastic connecting screws
245 x 260 x 390 cm

Christine Borland: L'Homme Double

Christine Borland

L'Homme Double
Clay, steel, wood, acrylic, documents
Grösse variabel

Christine Borland: Small Objects that Save Lives

Christine Borland

Small Objects that Save Lives
Cibachrome on aluminum laminated
170 parts: each 12.7 x 17.8 cm

Angela Bulloch: Club Berlin

Angela Bulloch

Club Berlin
3 bean bags (cotton), Perspex cover, CD player, amplifier, 3 headsets, audio-distributor box, 2 CDs
Dimensions variable

Angela Bulloch: Grand Stand and the Marxist Myth (A Light Lowered, A Floor Raised, A Sounf Bounced)

Angela Bulloch

Tacita Dean: The Girl Stowaway

Tacita Dean

The Girl Stowaway
Various materials
Dimensions variable

Douglas Gordon: Reading Room

Douglas Gordon

Reading Room
Table tops, empty beer crates, 4 table lamps, 2 video monitors and players, cassette recorder, books, magazines, newspapers, audio cassettes, video cassettes, 12 bean bags
Dimensions variable

Christian Robert-Tissot: Ohne Titel (Overlap)

Christian Robert-Tissot

Ohne Titel (Overlap)
Acrylic on wood and wall
450 x 1100 cm

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