Collection Part 2


30. June 2007  – 12. August 2007

Featuring artworks by:
Douglas Gordon   Fabrice Gygi   Ugo Rondinone   Piotr Uklanski   Costa Vece

In the context of a series of exhibitions over the course of the year combining various viewpoints the second collection presentation gathers together a choice of works that have been acquired by the museum since its founding. The current concern of the exhibition is to have the works make contact with current art production to integrate them in lively contemporary environment. The exhibition Collection Part II involves purchases of the early phase of the museum which take on various forms of stereotypical images, structures of perception and representation of power and violence.


Curated by Heike Munder

List of works

Douglas Gordon: Bootleg (Bigmouth)

Douglas Gordon

Bootleg (Bigmouth)
Single-channel video projection (color, no sound)
19:42 min. Loop

Douglas Gordon: Bootleg (Stoned)

Douglas Gordon

Bootleg (Stoned)
Single-channel video projection on 2 screens (b/w, no sound)
59:51 min. Loop

Douglas Gordon: Bootleg (Cramped)

Douglas Gordon

Bootleg (Cramped)
Single-channel video projection (color, no sound)
48:19 min. Loop

Fabrice Gygi: Dérouleur de tapis rouge

Fabrice Gygi

Dérouleur de tapis rouge
Varnished steel, blue light, carpet, rubber wheels
Dimensions variable

Ugo Rondinone: Dog Days Are Over

Ugo Rondinone

Dog Days Are Over
7-channel video installation on 7 monitors (color, no sound), audio sensors
Dimensions variable

Piotr Uklanski: Summer Love

Piotr Uklanski

Summer Love
20 iris prints on Somerset paper, custom made, leather-bound case with a gun-belt and silver gun magazines
255 x 485 cm

Costa Vece: The Bomb # 1

Costa Vece

The Bomb # 1
Oil barrels, plastic barrels, gas bottles, flashing lights, control system, tarps, camouflage net, adhesive tape, 3-channel video installation on 3 monitors (color, sound), 2 Audiotracks
ca. 300 x 300 x 250 cm

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