Juan Muñoz


1. February 1997  – 19. May 1997

Featuring artworks by:
Juan Muñoz

Muñoz‘ figurative drawings and sketches are often caricature-like. The installations have an enigmatic, occasionally witty effect; “Waiting for Jerry” is a mouse-hole from which issues the signature tune of the “Tom and Jerry' cartoons. The “Raincoat-Drawings” show interiors, furnished but deserted as if, like the balconies, anticipating an entry. Or have the occupants just left?


Without words - Muñoz' pieces are often strikingly mute - concrete situations are created. The extensive exhibition, occupying some 800 square meters, culminates in a new work, “Plaza”. In it, thirty-three almost life-size, strangely smiling Chinese figures people the Museum's top light exhibition space.


Curated by Rein Wolfs

List of works

Juan Muñoz: Two Figures Looking Sideways

Juan Muñoz

Two Figures Looking Sideways
1996– 1997
Acrylic (industrial floor paint), polyester-resin, wood, spotlights
Ca. 125 x 100 x 80 cm

Juan Muñoz: Plaza

Juan Muñoz

Dimensions variable

Juan Muñoz: Waiting for Jerry

Juan Muñoz

Waiting for Jerry
Wood, tape recorder
6 x 5 cm

Juan Muñoz: Living in a Shoe Box (For Konrad Fischer)

Juan Muñoz

Living in a Shoe Box (For Konrad Fischer)
Shoe box, resin, motor, steel
Dimensions variable

Juan Muñoz: Raincoat Drawing

Juan Muñoz

Raincoat Drawing
Mixed media on canvas
150 x 120 cm

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