1. June 2001  – 12. August 2001

Featuring artworks by:
Atelier van Lieshout   Maurizio Cattelan   Esther Eppstein   Sylvie Fleury   L/B (Lang/Baumann)   Paul Thek   Rirkrit Tiravanija   Costa Vece

Curated by Rein Wolfs

List of works

Atelier van Lieshout: Office/Reception Unit

Atelier van Lieshout

Office/Reception Unit
Polyester mould, wood, steel, leather, steel wheels, fitted lights, 21 plastic connecting screws
245 x 260 x 390 cm

Maurizio Cattelan: La rivoluzione siamo noi

Maurizio Cattelan

La rivoluzione siamo noi
Polyester wax figure, felt suit, metal wardrobe
175 x 60 x 40 cm

Maurizio Cattelan: If a Tree Falls in the Forest and There is no One Around it, Does it Make a Sound

Maurizio Cattelan

If a Tree Falls in the Forest and There is no One Around it, Does it Make a Sound
Taxidermized donkey, television, bridles, cotton cloth, cord
150 x 154 x 46 cm

Esther Eppstein: Message Salon Wohnwagen

Esther Eppstein

Message Salon Wohnwagen
Caravan with awning, furniture, brochures, photos, various materials, video and audio works
Dimensions variable

Sylvie Fleury: She-Devils on Wheels - Headquarters

Sylvie Fleury

She-Devils on Wheels - Headquarters
Assemblage of various materials
Dimensions variable

L/B (Lang/Baumann): Infomobile

L/B (Lang/Baumann)

Steel, wood, carpet, mini-bar, computer, video player, books, CDs
3 parts: each 260 x 250 x 160 cm

Rirkrit Tiravanija: Sammlung – Erstellung der Werkfiles

Rirkrit Tiravanija

Sammlung – Erstellung der Werkfiles
Taxidermized parrot, cage, wood
Cage: 60 x 60 x 32 cm

Costa Vece: Mamas Wohnung

Costa Vece

Mamas Wohnung
Single-channel video on monitor or projection (color, sound)
6:30 min.

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