Collection Part 1


The collection presentation, divided into two stages, forms the prelude to a series of exhibitions, in which works from the migros museum für gegenwartskunst’s collection are brought together from various standpoints in the present year. The current emphasis of the concept is to integrate the collection, which connects contemporary art production, to a live environment. Quite particularly the emphasis is on taking into consideration exhibitions which originated in the migros museum für gegenwartskunst. The presentation links essentially new purchases, dedicated to sub and pop-culture themes, as well as taking up the commensurate aesthetic. At the centre lies the content-oriented debate, wrestling with music and formal aesthetic quotes of pop or subculture and their influences on contemporary art production.


Curated by Heike Munder

List of works

Cory Arcangel: Super Landscape 1

Cory Arcangel

Super Landscape 1
4 projections on walls, 3 monitors, (reprogrammed Nintendo Famicom cassettes (Super Mario, Bros., F1 Race), Nintendo Entertainment System und Hyperkin RetroN)
Dimensions variable

Daniele Buetti: Kummerbox 3000

Daniele Buetti

Kummerbox 3000
Tinsel, theatre curtain rails, electric motor
Ca. 300 x 500 x 600 cm

Tom Burr: Mammal Board No. 2

Tom Burr

Mammal Board No. 2
B/w photographs, wood, thumbtacks
46 x 244 x 4 cm

Tom Burr: Oblong Box No. 4

Tom Burr

Oblong Box No. 4
Wood, paint, steel
244 x 137 x 100 cm

Anne-Lise Coste: Ohne Titel

Anne-Lise Coste

Ohne Titel
Marker, acrylic, glue, silver color and collage (pages from magazines) on paper
32 parts: each 64 x 47 cm

Delia Gonzalez: No Way Back

Delia Gonzalez In cooperation with Gavin Russom

No Way Back
Laminate, aluminum, electronic components, loud speakers, MDF-boards
Ca. 180 x 650 x 550 cm

Douglas Gordon: What You Want Me to Say

Douglas Gordon

What You Want Me to Say
Record player, record, splitter, 3 amplifiers, 12 boxes, 6 connecting cables
Dimensions variable

Mark Leckey: The March of the Big White Barbarians

Mark Leckey

The March of the Big White Barbarians
Single-channel video projection (color, sound)
7 min.

Christian Marclay: Ein Heldenleben

Christian Marclay

Ein Heldenleben
2 record covers, cotton threads
64.5 x 37.2 cm

Christian Marclay: With My Lovin?

Christian Marclay

With My Lovin?
3 record covers, cotton threads
74 x 44.5 cm

Katharina Sieverding: The Great White Way Goes Black

Katharina Sieverding

The Great White Way Goes Black
Color photograph, acrylic, steel
300 x 502 x 2 cm

Mika Taanila: Optical Sound

Mika Taanila

Optical Sound
Single-channel video projection (35 mm film shown on DVD, color, sound)
6 min.

Banks Violette: Kill Yourself (Twin)

Banks Violette

Kill Yourself (Twin)
Galvanized steel pipes, steel, aluminum, plywood, colored epoxy resin, fluorescent tubes with fittings and accessories, 3 flight cases
Ca. 570 x 570 cm , height variable

Banks Violette: Today, Tomorrow, and Always (Seven Panels)

Banks Violette

Today, Tomorrow, and Always (Seven Panels)
Galvanized steel pipes, aluminum, plywood, combined salt
Ca. 920 x 300 cm , height variable

Banks Violette: Beneath the Remains

Banks Violette

Beneath the Remains
Graphite on paper
58.5 x 58.5 cm

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