Collection on Display: Jan Dibbets, Jimmie Durham, Esther Eppstein, Urs Fischer, Andrea Fraser, David Renggli, Tatiana Trouvé


15. February 2014  – 11. May 2014

Featuring artworks by:
Jan Dibbets   Jimmie Durham   Esther Eppstein   Urs Fischer   Andrea Fraser   David Renggli   Tatiana Trouvé

Collection on Display presents selected works from the collection of the Migros Museum für Gegenwartskunst. The current cycle focuses on functions, models and interpretations of space and the interior in contemporary art. The works, shown in three parts, address specific spatial arrangements and their conceptualizations. The first collection exhibition in 2014 completes the cycle that commenced last year. In the third part, installations by Jan Dibbets, Jimmie Durham, Esther Eppstein, Urs Fischer, David Renggli and Tatiana Trouvé can be seen.

Exhibition view, photo: Stefan Altenburger Photography, Zurich

List of works

Jan Dibbets: Saenredam InK Zürich

Jan Dibbets

Saenredam InK Zürich
Pencil, b/w photograph collage on paper
3 parts: 2 parts each ca. 145 x 300 cm; 1 part 73 x 73 cm

Jimmie Durham: Maquette for a Museum of Switzerland

Jimmie Durham

Maquette for a Museum of Switzerland
Wood, glass, c-prints on forex, masks, paper, various materials
Dimensions variable

Esther Eppstein: Fotoskulptur Message Salon/Perla-Mode 2006–2013

Esther Eppstein

Fotoskulptur Message Salon/Perla-Mode 2006–2013
Photo stand, 125 color photographs on Fuji photo paper
172 x 64 x 64 cm

Esther Eppstein: Message Salon Wohnwagen

Esther Eppstein

Message Salon Wohnwagen
Caravan with awning, furniture, brochures, photos, various materials, video and audio works
Dimensions variable

Urs Fischer: Glaskatzensex – Transparent Tale

Urs Fischer

Glaskatzensex – Transparent Tale
Wood, chip board, silicon, glass, latex, acrylic, felt-tip pens, spotlight
Ca. 160 x 560 x 600 cm

Andrea Fraser: Little Frank and His Carp

Andrea Fraser

Little Frank and His Carp
Single-channel video on monitor (color, sound)
6 min. (Loop)

David Renggli: You, Can You Recommend Your Psychiatrist?

David Renggli

You, Can You Recommend Your Psychiatrist?
1001 pictures; framed
Dimensions variable

Tatiana Trouvé: Inchoativity : La chambre se referme / Inchoativity : The room is closing down

Tatiana Trouvé

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