L'Air du Temps - Collection Printemps / Été 2004


Collecting implies a continuous movement back and forth. To collect means to establish a history, but it also means to rework and renew it.


The exhibition “L’air du temps – collection printemps/été 2004” presents the latest acquisitions of the migros museum für gegenwartskunst together with earlier works from the collection. Throughout the history of the collection, it has not only been the presentation of a given work that matters, but also the primacy of the idea behind it and the process that springs from it. This is why it is necessary to render an account of social issues and to acknowledge social responsibility, precisely along the lines laid down by Migros founder Gottlieb Duttweiler. Thanks to a progressive acquisitions policy throughout the 1990s, the collection holds numerous important works by Swiss and international artists. Apart from those that reflect the earlier positions of Minimalist or Conceptual Art, many of the works in the collection are marked by an element of participation, and contribute to contemporary artistic discourses. At present, the conceptual priority of the curators is to integrate the collection within a lively environment that is in touch with contemporary artistic production and addresses an open-minded audience.


Curated by Raphael Gygax and Heike Munder

List of works

Emmanuelle Antille: Radiant Spirits

Emmanuelle Antille

Radiant Spirits
5-channel video installation on 3 projections and 1 monitor (color, sound), 2 video glasses, 2 reclining chairs
54:38 min.

Alighiero Boetti: Mappa

Alighiero Boetti

Wool on cotton
116 x 178 cm

Monica Bonvicini: A Romance

Monica Bonvicini

A Romance
Varnish spray, car paint on glass in steel frame
244.5 x 1068 x 20 cm

Christoph Büchel: An Oval Office Tour with President George W. Bush

Christoph Büchel

An Oval Office Tour with President George W. Bush
Single-channel video on monitor (color, sound)
7:60 min.

Enzo Cucchi: Ohne Titel

Enzo Cucchi

Ohne Titel
Marker, watercolor, plaster, reinforced cement slabs, steel
344 x 426 x 12 cm

Marlene Dumas: Indifference

Marlene Dumas

Oil on canvas
100 x 300 cm

Urs Fischer: Glaskatzensex – Transparent Tale

Urs Fischer

Glaskatzensex – Transparent Tale
Wood, chip board, silicon, glass, latex, acrylic, felt-tip pens, spotlight
Ca. 160 x 560 x 600 cm

Sylvie Fleury: She-Devils on Wheels - Headquarters

Sylvie Fleury

She-Devils on Wheels - Headquarters
Assemblage of various materials
Dimensions variable

Fabrice Gygi: Local de vote

Fabrice Gygi

Local de vote
Galvanized steel, wood, cover, Perspex
Dimensions variable

Mathilde ter Heijne: Small Things End, Great Things Endure

Mathilde ter Heijne

Small Things End, Great Things Endure
Single-channel video projection on 1 rear projection screen (b/w, sound), sound-system with 4 loud speakers and sound control
12:40 min.

Kerstin Kartscher: Ice Skater

Kerstin Kartscher

Ice Skater
Hybrid and pigment marker on paper
151 x 328 cm

Juan Muñoz: Nîmes Balconies

Juan Muñoz

Nîmes Balconies
Patinated iron
3 parts: each ca. 70 x 85 x 30 cm

Elodie Pong: Secrets for Sale

Elodie Pong

Secrets for Sale
Single-channel video on monitor or projection (color, sound)
64 min.

Ed Ruscha: Westward Ho

Ed Ruscha

Westward Ho
Acrylic and paint powder on paper
153 x 102 cm

Kerim Seiler: Lattenwald

Kerim Seiler

Wood, Perspex, chain saw, gloves, goggles and ear protectors, beer bottle, cheese, bread, bacon, knife
Dimensions variable

Paul Thek: Caterpillar in Storm of Leaves

Paul Thek

Caterpillar in Storm of Leaves
Enamel, acrylic on newsprint
57.5 x 84 cm

Paul Thek: Bo Jangles in Flames

Paul Thek

Bo Jangles in Flames
Oil on newsprint
57.3 x 74 cm

Cathy Wilkes: Our Misfortune

Cathy Wilkes

Our Misfortune
Various materials
Dimensions variable

Stephen Willats: Learning to Live within a Confined Space

Stephen Willats

Learning to Live within a Confined Space
Collage (gouache, b/w photographs) on photographic paper
4 parts: each 132 x 100 cm

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