Collection on Display: «Rules»


20. May 2017  – 13. August 2017

Featuring artworks by:
Carl Andre   Angela Bulloch   Douglas Gordon   Susan Hiller   Eva Kot’átková   Matt Mullican   Cady Noland   Luis Pazos   Elodie Pong   Markus Schinwald   Niele Toroni   Uri Tzaig   Carey Young

Collection on Display: Rules, Exhibition view Migros Museum für Gegenwartskunst, Photo: Lorenzo

The exhibition format Collection on Display presents works from the collection of the Migros Museum für Gegenwartskunst as a three-part themed series with the title Communities, Rules and Rituals. The second exhibition, Rules, brings together works that look at rules in the charged environment of normative practice and individual creative freedom.

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List of works

Carl Andre: Cubolt

Carl Andre

0.5 x 300 x 550 cm

Angela Bulloch: Birkenstock Care Tips

Angela Bulloch

Birkenstock Care Tips
Stenciled writing on wall
Dimensions variable

Douglas Gordon: Instruction. (Number 3a)

Douglas Gordon

Instruction. (Number 3a)
Wall text, b/w photographs, instruction
Dimensions variable

Susan Hiller: Lost and Found

Susan Hiller

Lost and Found
Single-channel video projection (color, sound)
30 min.

Eva Kot’átková: Collection of Suppressed Voices

Eva Kot’átková

Collection of Suppressed Voices
Steel, fired clay, prints on paper, cardboard, chalk, baskets, wood
200 x 480 x 400 cm

Matt Mullican: Untitled (Paris Street Map II with signs)

Matt Mullican

Untitled (Paris Street Map II with signs)
2010 - 2016
Acrylic and oilstick on canvas
305 x 460.9 cm

Cady Noland: Untitled

Cady Noland

Plastic, acrylic, wood
103 x 74 x 306 cm

Luis Pazos: La cultura de la felicidad

Luis Pazos

La cultura de la felicidad
B/w photograph, paper mask
6 parts: 5 parts each ca. 28 x 42 cm, 1 part 17 x 24 cm

Elodie Pong: Secrets Collection (Lausanne, Paris)

Elodie Pong

Secrets Collection (Lausanne, Paris)
2001 - 2005/2017
Single-channel video projection (4:3 SD Video upscaled to 16:9 HD, color, sound)
Ca. 547 min.

Markus Schinwald: Bob

Markus Schinwald

Various materials
Ca. 150 x 30 x 50 cm

Niele Toroni: Empreintes de pinceau no. 50 répétées à intervalles réguliers

Niele Toroni

Niele Toroni: Empreintes de pinceau no. 50 répétées à intervalles réguliers

Niele Toroni

Uri Tzaig: Desert

Uri Tzaig

Single-channel video on monitor (color, no sound)
30 min.

Carey Young: We the People (after Pierre Cavellat)

Carey Young

We the People (after Pierre Cavellat)
C-print on aluminium
190 x 124 cm

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