Collection on Display: Oscar Tuazon, Banks Violette


17. February 2018  – 13. May 2018

Featuring artworks by:
Vito Acconci   Oscar Tuazon   Banks Violette

Oscar Tuazon, I use my body for something, I use it to make something, I make something with my body, whatever that is. I make something and I pay for it and I get paid for it., 2010, Concrete, rebar, mesh, Ca. 77 x 450 x 410 cm, Sammlung Migros Museum für Gegenwartskunst , photo: Stefan Altenburger Photography, Zurich

Collection on Display showcases selected works from the collections of the Migros Museum für Gegenwartskunst. The new exhibition puts the focus on sculptures by Oscar Tuazon and Banks Violette. Despite the considerable differences between their formal aesthetics, both artists’ works point up the fragility of our existence. Tuazon’s sculptural objects bear the marks of physical disintegration; Violette signals decay with a symbolism derived from the iconography of heavy metal music.

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List of works

Vito Acconci: My Flesh to Your Bare Bones

Vito Acconci In cooperation with Oscar Tuazon

My Flesh to Your Bare Bones
Two-channel audio installation
9:46 min.

Banks Violette: Kill Yourself (Twin)

Banks Violette

Kill Yourself (Twin)
Galvanized steel pipes, steel, aluminum, plywood, colored epoxy resin, fluorescent tubes with fittings and accessories, 3 flight cases
Ca. 570 x 570 cm , height variable

Banks Violette: Today, Tomorrow, and Always (Seven Panels)

Banks Violette

Today, Tomorrow, and Always (Seven Panels)
Galvanized steel pipes, aluminum, plywood, combined salt
Ca. 920 x 300 cm , height variable

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