Cory Arcangel: Nerdzone Version 1


2. April 2005  – 22. May 2005

Featuring artworks by:
Cory Arcangel

In the early 1980s, the 8-bit Nintendo NES game console revolutionised the entertainment market. From then on computer technology was no longer used purely for work purposes, but also for the masses as a medium for entertainment. In his works, Cory Arcangel (b. 1978) makes use of the games console, long since overtaken by millions of bits, and ‘hacks’ into its games. The progress of some games is interrupted and short-circuited, and they are reduced to their monochrome picture backgrounds, while other games are given a new narrative. Underlying the works is not just a nostalgic idea, but also an evaluation and reinterpretation of the game system, as well as an interest in composing electronic minimal music using 8-bit technology.


Curated by Raphael Gygax

List of works

Cory Arcangel: Super Landscape 1

Cory Arcangel

Super Landscape 1
4 projections on walls, 3 monitors, (reprogrammed Nintendo Famicom cassettes (Super Mario, Bros., F1 Race), Nintendo Entertainment System und Hyperkin RetroN)
Dimensions variable

Cory Arcangel: Super Mario Movie

Cory Arcangel

Super Mario Movie
Projection (reprogrammed "Super Mario" paddle for Nintendo)
15 min.

Cory Arcangel: 414 - 3 - Rave - 95

Cory Arcangel

414 - 3 - Rave - 95
Single-channel video projection

Cory Arcangel: Doogle

Cory Arcangel

Web hack

Cory Arcangel: Japanese Driving Game

Cory Arcangel

Japanese Driving Game
Reprogrammed Nintendo FamiCom paddle, projected

Cory Arcangel: Nipod v.2

Cory Arcangel

Nipod v.2
Reprogrammed Nintendo paddle on monitor

Cory Arcangel

Space Invader
Reprogrammed Atari 2600 paddle, projected

Cory Arcangel: Super Slow Tetris

Cory Arcangel

Super Slow Tetris
Projection (reprogrammed Nintendo paddle)

Cory Arcangel: The Making of Super Mario Clouds

Cory Arcangel

The Making of Super Mario Clouds
Single-channel video on monitor (color, no sound)
65 min.

Cory Arcangel: I Shot Andy Warhol

Cory Arcangel

I Shot Andy Warhol
Reprogrammed "Hogan Alley" paddle on monitor

Cory Arcangel

Super Mario Clouds v2k3
Projection/monitor (Reprogrammed Super Mario game cartridge for Nintendo)

Cory Arcangel: Data Diaries

Cory Arcangel

Data Diaries
Single-channel-video on monitor
Länge variabel

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