St. Petrischnee


15. June 2002  – 11. August 2002

Featuring artworks by:
Theo Altenberg   Marc Camille Chaimowicz   Neville D'Almeida   Yayoi Kusama   Manon   Gustav Metzger   Hélio Oiticica

“Of all the affairs we participate in, with or without interest, the groping search for a new way of life is the only aspect still impassioning.”

Guy Debord


“St. Petrischnee” is a variety of positions from the 1960s and 1970s, the age that sought to expand or to move beyond the old rules of art history and of society. Seldom have there been such radical advances, causing older generations so much anxiety and alarm. An entire generation of youth was in upheaval, attacking the fallout of the Cold War, attacking petit-bourgeois hypocrisy and parochialism, attacking nuclear rearmament and the Vietnam war. Subversive strategies were debated and experimented with: the postulation of free love, sit-ins, the peace movement, consumption of mind-expanding drugs, conspiratorial Maoist cells, the politicisation of the working classes, support for guerrilla operations in the Third World, the counter-culture of the communes... For the young, it was all about tolerance, but ultimately the views of individual groups led to divisions, radicalisation of political ideas or to a politically passive party culture.


Out of this mood of upheaval, the young generation sought to escape the dictates of Modernism, and also to break away from Minimal Art, at the time the predominant trend in art. There were already early signs of participatory environments, but these were largely disregarded until some years later.


Curated by Heike Munder

List of works

Theo Altenberg

Kommune Friedrichshof
1973 - 1976
Color photographs, b/w photographs
14 Parts: dimensions variable

Marc Camille Chaimowicz: Celebration? Realife Revisited

Marc Camille Chaimowicz

Celebration? Realife Revisited
Assemblage of various materials
Dimensions variable

Neville D'Almeida: Block Experiment in Cosmococa, Program in Progress,
CC1 Trashiscapes

Neville D'Almeida In cooperation with Hélio Oiticica

Block Experiment in Cosmococa, Program in Progress, CC1 Trashiscapes
Slide projectors, soundsystem, slides, matresses, nail files
Dimensions variable

Yayoi Kusama: Infinity Mirror Room – Love Forever

Yayoi Kusama

Infinity Mirror Room – Love Forever
1969 - 1996
Mirrors, lamps, electronic light system
215 x 116 cm

Yayoi Kusama: Fireflies on Water

Yayoi Kusama

Fireflies on Water
Mirrors, water pool, 150 light chains, electronic light system
320 x 444 x 444 cm

Manon: La dame au crâne rasé


La dame au crâne rasé
B/W photographs on gallery paper
30 parts: each 25.5 x 35 cm

Gustav Metzger: Liquid Crystal Environment

Gustav Metzger

Liquid Crystal Environment
5 slide projectors, liquid crystals, glass slides, mechanical control
Dimensions variable

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