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Adults: CHF 12
Reduced: CHF 8
Combo ticket with Kunsthalle Zürich: CHF 20
Combo ticket with Kunsthalle Zürich, reduced CHF 12

Groups of 10 or more: CHF 8

Groups of 10 or more, combo ticket with Kunsthalle Zürich: CHF 12

School classes and groups of students who visit the museum as part of an educational activity and in the company of teachers are granted free admission. Please register in advance, either by telephone (+41 44 277 2050) or email (

Children and youths up to 16 years of age: Free admission
For IV invalidity insurance beneficiaries and people with disabilities, the reduced admission fee applies, and one accompanying person obtains free admission.

The Swiss Museum Pass is accepted at the Migros Museum für Gegenwartskunst.

One-year ticket:
With our one-year ticket, at a price of CHF 80, you and an accompanying person can enjoy free admission to all exhibitions and events. Card holders also receive invitations to all openings.

Private guided tours:
During opening hours: CHF 160 plus admission
Outside opening hours: CHF 280 plus admission

Limmatstrasse 270
CH–8005 Zürich
Postfach 1766
CH–8031 Zürich

Tel +41 44 277 20 50
Fax +41 44 277 62 86
Di/Mi/Fr 11–18 Uhr
Do 11–20 Uhr
Sa/So 10–17 Uhr
Das Migros-Kulturprozent ist ein freiwilliges, in den Statuten verankertes Engagement der Migros für Kultur, Gesellschaft, Bildung, Freizeit und Wirtschaft.
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